Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photography, No Rest for the Wicked

Yesterday I happened to drive through the small town of Fromberg, Montana and turned down a side street.  A beautiful photo presented itself to me, so I took advantage of it and I'll share it with you here.  Two lonely feral cats, one keeping watch while the other sleeps. Enjoy:)

No Rest for the Wicked
No Rest for the Wicked - Fromberg, MT - February 17, 2011

Friday, February 17, 2012

Photography, Lift Off

In the distance the Beartooths Mountains can be seen.  Have been quite busy lately and the blog's pace will be slowing down a tad! I've also included a cool video I found.  Enjoy:)

Lift Off - February 2012 - Near Billings, Montana

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photography, Walk The Line

Yesterday I went out and did some serious hiking for a few hours.  I decided to try something a little different with my photography.  I used my shoes as a subject for a few of my pictures.  Now situating the shoes while trying not to leave any footprints in the snow was quite a challenge.  Especially considering the snow on the ground and the temperature, but the outcome was satisfactory, so it was worth the half hour of freezing feet!  I really like the way one of them turned out, and after a little editing I believe it's time to share it!

The hiking took place at Zimmerman Park, which I have posted about before.  It is in West Billings up on the rims and is accessible from Zimmerman Trail.  I'm also going to include a video that I found quite entertaining! Enjoy:)

Walk The Line
The Beartooth Mountains are off in the distance.