Sunday, February 5, 2012

Travel, Lolo National Forest

I found out quite the interesting fact the other day.  In Lolo National Forest (West of Missoula, Montana) there is a lake called Rainy Lake.  This lake has been around for awhile, but it won't be along for very much longer.  The lake is actually named Rainy Lake because it is in a Northern-Arid climate zone, where it doesn't rain.  The lake is estimated to dry up by the year 2014.  I suggest you go and see it before this treasure disappears!  Now one asks themselves how does a lake form if there is no rain?  The answer: melting glacier.

Luckily this lake is one of many treasures within Lolo National Forest.  It is home to several species of beautiful animals such as bighorn sheep and mountain goats.  It is also home to black bear and grizzly bear along with wolves and elk.  It is a truly beautiful forest and is over 2 million acres.  These 2 million acres also include 4 built in wilderness areas.  It is truly a wonderful place to get in touch with nature.

To conclude I will include some pictures of this beautiful forest! Enjoy:)

Hoodoo Lake from the stateline trail in the Lolo National Forest in Montana
Lolo National Forest

Packer Meadow Sunset
Meadow in Lolo National Forest

River bend in Lolo National Forest


  1. Great blog you have here! That second picture is just amazing!

    1. Thanks! I think it's really cool too! Glad you're enjoying my blog! Have a good one :)

  2. Breathtaking photos, Marc. So sad to hear about the disappearing lake though. I wonder what impact that will have on the wildlife in the area?

  3. these picyures are stunning. you have a great eye for capturing and appreciating the beautiful at such a young age!! lot's of great photographs in your blog!!