Friday, December 30, 2011

Geocaching, an Exploration Initiator

Sometimes, it seems to me that people don't go out and explore the world around them because they simply don't know how.  And if they do know how, they don't know where to explore.  One of my favorite things to do creates an answer to this question.  I present to you, geocaching.  Some of you may have heard of it.  Geocaching is basically a treasure hunting game where you are given coordinates and your objective is to locate the "cache" at those coordinates.  In my experience the caches located in a wooded setting are the most challenging, yet the most exciting.
My explanation is a bit vague, so I have included this video that will help introduce the idea to you from the official geocaching website.
I hope this video sparks some interest, and inspires you to get out and enjoy nature and the outdoors.  Some of the geocaches require hiking equipment, boats or climbing gear, but for the most part you can go with just tennis shoes and bug spray!  Next time I will introduce the idea of travel bugs, which is a concept that resides within geocaching.  Enjoy :)

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