Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introduction to Exploration

Hello, my name is Marc Steensma, I am a Business Major at Montana State University in Billings, Montana.  In life there are many things that I enjoy, but sitting on the top of my list is exploring.  This world is so beautiful and wondrous.  People live for 50 plus years and barely scratch the surface of what is out there to do and see.  My favorite things include mountains, evergreen trees/forests, lakes, animals, deserts, and all of the National Parks.  I've traveled quite a bit considering my age, the only states I have yet to visit are Alaska, Hawaii and Louisiana.
My goal here is to inspire at least one person to go out there and view this beautiful world.  I will utilize my words and photography to communicate the unexplainable draw I have to nature.
My hope is that this post finds all of you in a good place, and if anything, creates an urge for exploration, and a feeling of wonder.
I'll leave you today with a nice little video that I find to be pretty cool, enjoy! :)
Oh, and I am home in Michigan, where I am from, for the Holidays, but I'll be driving 25 hours back to Montana next week!

Note: I would love to do something like this, finding the perfect location is the challenge.  Maybe some of you have suggestions? :)

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