Monday, January 23, 2012

Animals, Dalmatians and Cats!

Today I am going to be a little off topic, but I figured it was for an important reason.

The car door slams shut and once again Chance was off with his owners on hopefully another adventure.  Chance, a ten year old Dalmatian, wagged his tail proudly as the car crawled along the road.  A few minutes later the car stopped and his owner opened the door and Chance hopped out.  It had been some time since they went out to the woods to play.  He loved the way the wind felt on his face when he had nothing but woods to run through, and the smells of the forest intrigued him like none other.  After a few moments his owner commanded Chance to sit, and surprisingly got back into the vehicle.  This was a new kind of game Chance thought.  But he wagged and sat down patiently to see what the game was all about.  Soon the car drove off and Chance felt a little lost.  Was he supposed to follow?  But he'd been told to sit. 

The truth is, the owners of Chance abandoned him, leaving him in a forest to fend for himself.  As Chance had aged he had accumulated a few medical conditions, and the family no longer wanted to put their financial efforts into a ten year old dog.  As sad as it is, this happens to dogs all of the country daily.  Fortunately there are places out there to help.  I know from experience how loyal, smart and caring Dalmatians are, and I can't even imagine leaving my little Rojo in the forest because I didn't want to deal with the financial burden of poor health.  In my opinion, when you adopt an animal, you are making a commitment not only to the pet, but to yourself.

The Dalmatian Rescue of Puget Sound has been doing great things for Dalmatians in the Pacific Northwest as of late.  They have housing and loving homes available until the dogs can be adopted.  They also receive medical care, and if the dogs are elderly, they can stay there for the long term.  I urge you to check out their website, and even voting for them on the Animal Rescue site where they are competed for grants in the Shelter Challenge.  You can vote for them by searching Dalmatian in the state of WA :)

For those of you who don't have a spot in your heart for dalmatians, or dogs in general, I have been a volunteer at Crash's Landing Cat Rescue and Placement and they could use help as well. You can also vote for Crash's Landing on the Animal Rescue web page by searching Crash's Landing in the state of MI. 

I've included some pictures of dalmatians and cats! Enjoy :)

Ford! Is available for adoption at the Dalmatian Rescue of Puget Sound

Radar! Is available for adoption at Crash's Landing


  1. Great post! And thanks for your volunteer work at an animal rescue center.
    My husband and I have adopted three cats from our local shelter; I can attest to the fact that rescue animals make great pets.

    1. Yeah they really do! And it is as good for us as it is for them! Thanks :)

  2. Yes, pets add so much to our lives—relieving stress and adding valuable companionship are just two of the ways they enrich our lives.