Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Travel, Billings, Montana Weather

I have one main point to spell out for you all today.
Literally so cold.  I went outside to shovel the driveway and within about 5 minutes my face was completely frozen.  Luckily I'm speedy at shoveling said driveway, but the cold was just ridiculous.

For those of you who think -9 isn't that bad consider the following picture:
RealFeel tells how cold it feels like outside.  So ya know how it's usually pretty cold outside when it's around 30? Well take that and subtract 65 degrees.  Then you end up where it is out here.
The strange part about the weather being so cold is that this is normally what the weather and temperature is like over in West Yellowstone.  But the precarious part is that in West Yellowstone it is 21 degrees, and feels a tad warmer.  That's enough for my rant for now, but there will be no adventuring today, it is just too cold.  Wish me luck! I'll throw a video that may help anyone who gets stuck in weather like this, luckily I'm warm and inside.  Enjoy:)

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