Thursday, January 5, 2012

Travel, Thoughts on the Long Drive (Wyoming, MI to Billings, MT)

Well I made it back to Montana safe and sound.  From Wyoming, Michigan to Billings, Montana it is about 1500 miles.  The drive takes 24+ hours, and I did it without stopping to rest.  I wouldn't recommend doing such long drives without a break, but I know from experience that I can handle it.  Last year at this time I drove from Michigan to Denver and back without stopping, 30+ hours, so it is an acquired skill.

I took a few pictures of the Mississippi River crossing on the Illinois / Iowa border and my Prius there, but nothing else really except the sunset in Central/Western South Dakota was beautiful.  I've included the pictures below.  I would've taken some more but I was crunched for time!

Mississippi River at Dawn - Illinois/Iowa Border

My Prius at a scenic overlook on Illinois/Iowa Border

South Dakota on I-90 near Wall, SD

Now is not the best time to enjoy the beauty of the US, considering it is winter and everything looks dead.  Well, grey and dead to be honest, except the amazing abundance of pine trees near Rapid City and Spearfish in South Dakota.  I will always love pine trees, they just smell wonderful and are beautiful all year round.

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